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Christmas ordering deadline - Sunday 29 November

Now, I know we’re all busy, so I’ll make this a quick one; the deadline to order your chunky china for UK delivery/collection before Christmas is fast approaching. This Sunday to be precise: 29 November 2020.

I don’t mean to be a bore not having it open for a week or more longer, but because everything is handmade (you know that already, so I won’t go on) and it has to be fired twice, each taking 24 hours (have you got the violins out for me yet?!) I just can’t guarantee it would be ready for you unless I close my books on this date.

Don’t worry though, if you forget to buy a gift (or want to self-gift) after 29 November never fear – our e-gift vouchers are available right up until the 25 December. If you like to live on the edge and leave it to the last minute, we still have you covered.

If you don’t need to have your chunky china pre-Christmas the website will remain open and fully operational throughout the whole of December. We will also be adding a small number of pre-made/ready-to-ship items in early December too so all isn’t lost if you miss this weekend’s pre-order deadline (we’ll stop going on about that deadline now, promise).

Thank you for all your support and love of Marigold and Lettice and our chunky china this year, it means the world – there are so many new items, ideas and things coming for 2021 we can’t wait to share. But for now, back to supervising the elves (yeah, I wish!).


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