Beautiful Bugs large butterfly platter

Beautiful Bugs large butterfly platter

What could say Spring/Summer more than an extra large and extra chunky butterfly.  Of course it's had the full Marigold and Lettice treatment so think classy not twee, unique not mass produced!


Available in all white or handpainted in glorious blue tones, we hope you love our large butterfly Beautiful Bug as much as we do! These platters are just the ticket for dishing up, styling it out and displaying always!


Chose the right size from: medium or large in rectangle or oval .  Whichever you choose, they'll be as good overflowing with a Sunday roast as it would with a salad on and of course it's oven, dishwasher and microwave proof. 


  • Medium (oval, rectangle)  – white butterfly £35 / coloured butterfly £45
  • Large (oval, rectangle) – white butterfly - £45 / coloured butterfly £55



Please note that they aren't mass-produced and if you are opting for a coloured butterfly, then remember that these are all painted by hand, each and every one is unique and a one off meaning that they won’t be/can’t be identical. That is what makes them even more special!



 I M P O R T A N T 

 I N F O R M A T I O N  

Marigold and Lettice pottery is (hand)made to be loved and used, and happily goes in the oven, dishwasher and microwave. Our chunky china has a very different look and feel to mass-produced pottery; each piece is handmade so expect to see thumb prints and perfectly imperfect glazing - it’s what makes our pottery unique and full of character. 


Getting your perfect piece to you is our priority but as each piece is made to order (we don't hold any pieces in stock), the process takes a MINIMUM OF THREE TO FOUR WEEKS although this is just a guide and if it goes over please bear with us.


Please note that because each piece is unique the design will be different from the one in the picture – similar but unique.

  • Dimensions


    Large rectangle 29cm 35cm 3cm
    Medium rectangle 25cm 30cm 2 cm
    Large oval 25cm 33cm 3cm
    Medium oval 20cm 25cm 2cm


  • Marigold and Lettice: what we are & what we're not

    Marigold and Lettice pottery is made to be used, loved and enjoyed; it’s made using sturdy earthenware clay and a thick white glaze. This means it’s hard-wearing and every piece can safely go in the oven, dishwasher, microwave and even the freezer. 

    Our china is not fine and delicate, it is chunky and full of texture. It is handmade (and homemade) and has a very different look and feel to mass-produced pottery. It'll have thumb prints and markers marks but it is made with love and we hope it brings you joy for many years.

    Please click here to ready more about Marigold and Lettice chunky china - what to expect and how to care for it!