Flower cheese dome

Flower cheese dome

 M A D E   A N D   R E A D Y   T O   S H I P 


This is a perfect twin set - a medium dome to house all sorts of cheese, and a chunky china base plate.  The dome is literally covered with individual flowers - and has a flower handle - each one uniquely chunky as they are delicate. 


However delicate, as with all Marigold and Lettice pottery, it's very robust and both pieces can go in the dishwasher etc.



  • Dimensions


    20 cm wide

    10 cm tall

    14 cm tall with handle



    26 cm wide

    2 cm tall



    20 cm wide

    17 cm tall


  • Marigold and Lettice pottery

    Marigold and Lettice pottery is all handmade and pieces will often have my thumbprints in it alongside the natural texture of the clay.

    The glaze I use is pure white but due to the glazing process - and because it's handmade - it may have a few areas which have more or less glaze; have thumbprints and the odd mark in the clay which reflects the way the clay naturally dries. This just adds to the character and charm of each piece and shows they're really handmade not mass produced. Perfectly imperfect is the best way to describe them... chunky, full of texture and charm.

    The underside is unglazed and carries my Marigold and Lettice stamp.  

    All Marigold and Lettice pottery can go in the dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer.