Medium chicken platter

Medium chicken platter

This oval, medium sized platter is super useful for all sorts of things: serving up a roast dinner, big old salad (veg or fruit variety), cakes, biscuits you just name it...


Let's just be clear, it doesn't just have to be used to present a roast chicken to your dinner guests!


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  • Marigold and Lettice: what we are & what we're not

    Marigold and Lettice pottery is made to be used, loved and enjoyed; it’s made using sturdy earthenware clay and a thick white glaze. This means it’s hard-wearing and every piece can safely go in the oven, dishwasher, microwave and even the freezer.

    Our china is not fine and delicate, it is chunky and full of texture. It is handmade (and homemade) and has a very different look and feel to mass-produced pottery. It'll have thumb prints and markers marks but it is made with love and we hope it brings you joy for many years.

    Please click here to ready more about Marigold and Lettice chunky china - what to expect and how to care for it!