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We are really excited to announce that we are having our first ever sale with 25% off some ready-made chunky china (so no making times involved either!) 

Check out some one-off pieces, new season pieces as well as some firm favourites that are made, on our shelf and waiting for their new homes. There is - in most cases - just one of each so don't delay or hang around, it's first come first served and when it's gone it will be gone.  However, don't worry about grabbing for the calculator, the 25% discount has been automatically added... we hope you're having a fabulous summer whatever you're up to - whatever the weather - and hope you enjoy our Summer Sale too!!

The Summer Sale T&C's (yawn!)

Ok so this isn't an exhaustive list, but key points:

  • ​Only items marked as Summer Sale are in the Summer Sale i.e.: you might see some of the items listed in the main shop, please note that the discount does not apply to them; only to those items already made and badged as Summer Sale

  • Only ready-made items are included in the Summer Sale. If you order a piece from our main shop - that will require being made - the production time is at least three weeks. Your Summer Sale item/s will be shipped with the full order not separately

  • The discount has automatically been added so no code is required

  • The discount isn't transferable on to any other item

  • eGift Vouchers can happily be used against the purchase of any items in our Summer Sale

  • We reserve the right to end the Summer Sale at any time, as well as add or remove items as we decide 

  • If for any reason you need to return the item the normal returns policy applies 


Our china is not fine and delicate, it is chunky and full of texture. It is handmade (and homemade) and has a very different look and feel to mass-produced pottery. It may have thumb prints and markers marks but it is made with love and we hope it brings you joy too.

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