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If I had a £1 for every time people have asked me isn’t white boring, cold, plain or hard to keep clean with a dog and a child then I’d be very wealthy!


There are so many shades of white – from soft, bright, dirty, old, new to everything in between...

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After many years of searching I realised that if I couldn’t find the pottery pieces I wanted, then I’d just have to make them myself!


I do actually love colour just not necessarily in my house! 

Hi there, thanks for stopping by...  I am Bronwen Griffiths-Barrasso, owner, founder and potter of Marigold and Lettice.


I have always loved pottery and 'home things'.  My 16th birthday present was a dinner service - pieces of which I still have; before that I used to yearn over my Granny’s green and white dinner service that sat on her dresser.  Luckily my husband has let me move furniture, paint, decorate and redecorate our houses to my heart’s content although each and every room is now all white (albeit with splashes of chintz!)  

Over the years I've collected various items old and brand new, reproduction and handmade; but I could never quite find just what I wanted - simple yet individual, chunky but useable, white and a joy to hold and use.  I enjoyed some of the old ironstone pieces I found from old hotels but they weren’t quite ‘chunky’ enough and certainly had no texture or individuality.  Above all I didn’t want colour, patterns or designs, I just wanted it all white.  

I am inspired by all sorts of things – my daughter picking leaves whilst walking the dogs, my granny’s apple pies and how she crimped the edges of the pastry – I love seeing the ideas come to life and then seeing how I can develop it into a range including bowls, mugs, plates, jugs, platters and candlesticks.

Career and motherhood stopped me for a few years but after I took my first pottery class I was hooked. Everything we use at home now has been made by me and the joy each piece brings is ridiculous!  A few years ago I took the massive leap from a 25-year career in corporate PR and communications and moved from being a hobby-potter to being Marigold and Lettice full time.  All my making is now done around the kitchen table in the heart of the home (along with three dogs, a husband who now works from home most of the time and a teenager and her friends - all keeping me on my toes!). I have two kilns in a cabin at the end of our garden and I don't think my life has ever been happier!


Thanks for looking and if you want to see more you can always follow me on Instagram here.

Bron xo


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