take care darling!  

We hope you love your Marigold and Lettice china and that it gives you endless joy!

What to expect

When you first get your china you may hear a ‘ping’ - especially the first time the pottery meets with water.  If you do, don’t worry! It will stop as soon as the glaze/clay settles down together 

Base care

Because the base of our chunky china is left unglazed over time it may leave a dusty residue underneath. This is easily wiped away with a damp cloth. However, it is important to avoid putting any china that has sitting water in it- such as a vase or jug with flowers in - on any surface that could be damaged by a damp base

Place don't push

Please be mindful that because Marigold and Lettice china has unglazed bases your pottery needs to be lifted and placed, rather than pushed to ensure it doesn’t scratch any of your surfaces

Full of texture

Our chunky china has a very different look and feel to mass-produced pottery.  Each piece is handmade, so expect to see thumb prints, specks in the glaze, or the white may be thicker in some parts than others.  It’s what makes our chunky china unique and full of character

Hard wearing

Marigold and Lettice pottery is made using sturdy earthenware clay and a thick white glaze. This means it’s hard-wearing and every piece can safely go in the oven, fridge, dishwasher and the microwave​

Ages wonderfully

Like with all china, over time you may notice signs of use or even some ‘grazing’ in the glaze.  These are just  signs of the china being well-loved​ and you can continue to use and enjoy your pieces