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Let there be light

When we were in Greece on holiday last year, I just loved seeing all the restaurants putting simple lanterns on the sea walls and around their tables. The simplicity of this was beautiful. Some used large tins with pierced holes, others had more ornate ceramic ones. It didn’t matter what, it was the overall effect that I adored. It felt charming, rustic and very (very) Greek!

Inspired by this, I’ve created my own (chunky china) version of these lanterns. I can’t wait to use them around the garden in the summer, or to decorate our Christmas table. Not being one for matching, each one is the same but different – I make them in different sizes (large for big pillar candles, or small which are perfect for tealights), different number of holes and I even make some holes with a little star shape too.

Candles aren’t just for lanterns though, and I’ve loved making a range of flower petal inspired candle holders too. In fact, when my daughter finished primary school this summer, this was my gift to each of her teachers.  Again, I think these flower holders work year-round and I’m excited to use them on my Easter table, as well as on the mantlepiece this Christmas nestled amongst holly picked from the trees behind us.

Finally, and a big favourite, I’ve been making these burners since the summer and it is fair to say that we have them in every room and they are on the whole time! Using tealights, I love creating these burners – we use them with soy wax melts (I get ours from The Botanical Candle Company) but they work just as well with a bit of oil in the top.  My love of bobbles comes in to play here and I am liberal when it comes to adding them to the burners. I’ve also added flowers and Christmas holly too (click here to read my Christmas blog!)

I went through a phase of making candlesticks and lamp bases last year but haven’t actually made many for a whole now.  Maybe I’ll pop them back on the list for next year… Although, to whet your appetite and in true Blue Peter fashion, here is one I made earlier!

Anyway, if you want to order any pieces, find out prices or what to chat about ideas, please do message me:

Hope your days are full of light, laughter and if you’re lighting candles may they burn bright but don’t play with fire!

Bron xo

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