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Instagram v Pinterest, or maybe a mix of both...

I don’t know about you but with all the talk of reels, algorithms and the amount of videos coming up on my feed from accounts I don’t follow I seem to have joined the band of people who are falling out of love with Instagram. Now, let me caveat this - I REALLY love Instagram so perhaps it is more of a lovers tiff than a break up. I owe everything and more to Instagram for making Marigold and Lettice what it is today and I couldn’t imagine how I would have achieved the customer base I have without it.

Instagram is still the only social media platform I really use professionally and personally (my M&L Insta feed replicates on to Facebook automatically) and I never got into Twitter and I literally would poke my own eyes out than have a TikTok account; I think my teenage daughter would file for emancipation against me and her father if I did get an account and start waving fingers at words on a screen!!

I have though - and nearly used caps lock again to stress always - always enjoyed Pinterest. I mean really enjoyed it - I have boards for all sorts of things: fashion, interiors, garden ideas you name it I’ve probably pinned it. I have also used it as a way to record/store our own special events - although these tend to be private boards - from birthday parties, house renovations and such like.

Over the last few years - since Marigold and Lettice pottery became my full time job - I have ‘played’ with a dedicated chunky china board but I have to confess it never has been something I’ve consistently done. However, when small-business guru Holly Tucker (founder of Not On The High Street and now Holly&Co) suggested that with the focus of Instagram moving to take on the videos of TikTok and messaging of SnapChat, that small businesses had to face the fact that we shouldn't, and couldn’t, rely solely on the Insta platform anymore as a way to communicate and engage with our customers.

I took this to heart as it has been on my to-do list for such a long time, and so I’m doing it. Alongside some of my own personal boards - of which you are welcome to view/follow - I am creating a lot more pottery driven ones. Some of the pictures you’ll also see on my Instagram feed and Stories but there will be a lot more that I put on Pinterest too.

I haven’t got to grips with its full potential yet as Pinterest wasn’t a daily check-in more of a planning, inspiration and scrapbooking tool but I am enjoying looking to see how it develops and allows me to still provide pictures (and videos) of my chunky china as I love how a picture can capture a mood, feeling and atmosphere even more than a video does. I should balance all of this and say that in no way can I see a stage where Pinterest becomes my preferred channel as my heart remains with Instagram mainly because I love the interaction it gives, but I have taken the Pinterest challenge firmly on and you can find me at if you’d like to join the pinning party!

What is wonderful about Pinterest is that I can share things not only the things that I make, but the things that influence and inspire me. I use these boards the whole time and it’s exciting that actually I can think that if you like my pottery, you might be interested to see these things too!

Following your favourites!

Due to the Instagram algorithms changes many people are now not seeing their fav accounts. So if you're not seeing Marigold and Lettice (or your other favourite accounts!!) the best thing you can do to override the algorithm is to go and find them on Insta (we'll make it easy for you to find us - just click here!) and add us/them to your favourites. It is really easy to do and means you won't miss any posts anymore... at the same time why don't you turn notifications on so that every time they/we post something then you'll get an alert... we've made a simple step-by-step guide so you can do it easily!


I’d love to hear what you think - do you use Pinterest? Is it something you check in with daily or only go to when you’re looking for inspiration? Are you still loving Instagram? Are you a TikTok fan??

Why not check out Holly & Co on Pinterest!

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