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New year, new website

For those of you who follow me on Instagram might have noticed (oh my vanity) that I've been especially quiet over the festive season. Whilst enjoying all things Christmas and New Year the main reason for my silence has been the fact that I've totally overhauled my website (actually, created a whole new one) and even had a refresh of my logo to be fully 2020 ready.

marigold and lettice logo
What do you think of my refreshed logo?

Over the last few years I've had a few iterations of my site, but now it felt that it needed to be more than just a portal to blogs, links to my Insta page and contact details. So here it is - my sparkling new website which is fully transactional with a shop to buy ready made pieces, as well as links on how to (easily) order bespoke pieces.

The aim is to update the shop weekly with new pieces as and when I make them, so might be worth checking back for a gander regularly. Of course, I will also try and flag new pieces as they are loaded on my Instagram feed/stories.

There will be mistakes (not least because I was working on it on Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Years Day so my mind might not have been up to my usual standards) so do feel free to point out any errors, bad links or things that don't work or make sense. Be kind, I'm a pottery not a website creator!!! Email me with feedback to

If you had signed up to my blog on my old site then I'm afraid you'll have to re-register on this new one. I tried to save the addresses but it was the casualty of being able to introduce a shop (beyond the capabilities of the old site). I'd love it if you'd sign back up so we can stay in touch you can do it here.


Finally, you might have noticed that I have finally got myself a flashy new email address to match my new site. If you want anything at all just email me at (the old one of is still valid but the new one will be the quickest way to get to me).

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