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All my life my writing has been commented on due to it being oversized and how much paper it meant I got through; the irony is that my sister and Aunts all have similar sized writing so it must be in the genes.  Anyway, it seemed the right (or should that write!) thing to do to put it on my pottery.


Don’t take my word for it though (pun intended) as you can now choose your own word and also select your own colour too. Caveat being, that it has to be six letters or less (or four or less on a saucer/cake plate). I don’t mind what you want – flower analogy, names, affirmation-style word or even swearing. It’s your pottery so your choice!


As well as the oversized words themselves the edging of the pieces is also coloured.  All will be lowercase, including the first letter.


Will the words/edging be perfectly coloured? Will the words be the same size or same thickness? No, no they won’t – I don’t use transfers or stencils - it’s perfectly imperfect chunky china after all!  Each piece is written and painted freehand with heaps of texture and individuality.


  • Red
  • Plum pink 
  • Pearl pink 
  • Baby pink
  • Mid blue 
  • Cornflower blue 
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Black


Shown here are red, cornflower blue, pearl pink and plum pink


You can also choose to add a little rosy red love heart on the piece too (if the word includes an i or j the heat can be in place of the dot!)



Brilliantly chunky and work brilliantly by themselves or as part of a matching/mismatching stack - a kitchen version of pic-and-mix!


Available in  saucer/cake plate, side/lunch plate sizes and a choice of either an oval or round dinner plate. 


Saucer/cake plate - £20

Side/lunch plate - £28

Large round/oval dinner plate - £34




Getting your perfect piece to you is our priority but as each piece is made to order (we don't hold any pieces in stock), the process takes a MINIMUM OF FOUR WEEKS although this is just a guide and if it goes over please bear with us, if it goes under let's celebrate!


I M P O R T A N T    I N F O R M A T I O N

Our china looks and feels very (very) different to mass-produced pottery; it’s not fine or delicate, but wonderfully chunky and full of texture, you’ll see thumb prints, makers marks, glaze specks/drips and heaps of individuality. We call it perfectly imperfect pottery and firmly believe it’s all the better for it!


Please note that because each piece is unique the design will be different from the one in the picture – similar but unique.


Marigold and Lettice pottery is (hand)made to be loved and used, and happily goes in the oven, dishwasher and microwave.

in your own 'WORD' plates and saucers





    16 cm

    2 cm


    21 cm

    2 cm



    27 cm

    2 cm



    27 cm x 23 cm

    2 cm 

  • Marigold and Lettice pottery is made to be used, loved and enjoyed; it’s made using sturdy earthenware clay and a thick white glaze. This means it’s hard-wearing and every piece can safely go in the oven, dishwasher, microwave and even the freezer.

    Our china is not fine and delicate, it is chunky and full of texture. It is handmade (and homemade) and has a very different look and feel to mass-produced pottery. It'll have thumb prints and markers marks but it is made with love and we hope it brings you joy for many years.

    Please click here to ready more about Marigold and Lettice chunky china - what to expect and how to care for it!

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