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Passing control of my making to you!

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed a slight change to my website this week - rather than listing only the pieces that I have already made and are in stock, I have now listed pretty much my whole range for you to pre-order with delivery within 2-3 weeks. This is a huge change for me to pass control of my making to you!

The main reason for this change is so I can offer the full range of what I make, all of the time. Up until now I’ve only made what has taken my fancy that week, so now you don’t have to wait for me to get around to making another...

Another reason is that I appreciate how frustrating it is when I post about a piece, but as I’ve only made one it’s sold before you can get it. This new sales approach should take all that frustration away.

Anyone that buys my pottery knows, and understands, that each piece is unique, a real one off. Even when I make a set/stack/pair I can’t get them matching - it’s just not possible, but I say that they will be alike in style, size and design. The same goes for this: you will get a unique piece that is alike to the picture on the website.

Of course, there will still be one-off's - the happy accidents that I can’t replicate even when I try (the recent shoulder vase is perfect example). Not all pieces will be on pre-order so there will be plenty of things to able to buy if you’re looking for instant gratification (with each listing clearly showing if they are ‘ready-made’ or ‘pre-order’.)


These changes on my website now puts you in control - albeit with a little wait. But the saying goes that all good things comes to those who are happy to wait!

What are you going to choose?!



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